Character starting with S
Safari Explorer Southern Belle
Sailor Spanish Dancer (female)
Salander, Lisbeth Spanish Settler
Saloon girl Spice Girls
Santa Claus Baby Spice - Wear a baby doll dress and hair in bunches (Emma B)
Saruman the White Scary Spice - Wear a leopard-print two-piece with a streaked afro (Mel B)
Scarlett O'Hara Ginger Spice - Wear a Union Jack dress with blonde-streaked ginger hair (Geri H)
Schoolgirl Sporty Spice - Wear a black crop top or a two-piece tracksuit with ponytail (Mel C)
Scientist Posh Spice - Wear a little black dress (Victoria B)
Scooby Doo
Scottish Spiderman
Scream Spy
Scrooge St George
Sea God St Trinians
Sea Nymph Stan Laurel
Sergeant Starfish
Seventies Stein Maiden
Shania Twain Stepmother
Sheep Stevie Nix
Sheik Stevie Wonder
Sheriff of Nottingham Stripper
Sheriff Sucellos
Sherlock Holmes Sugar-plum fairy
She-Ra Sultan
Shirley Temple Super Heroine
Shrek Superhero
Sixties Superman
Sleeping Beauty
Snake Charmer
Snow White
Sonny & Cher
Sorcerer or Sorceress